Every month, AQUA DC hosts many events to bring together gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender Asian and Pacific Islander (API) folks to meet like-minded friends and build community through support, visibility and action.

For the latest events, visit our events page on Facebook.


Please note that the following recurring events are a closed space and only for individuals who identify as queer and Asian and/or Pacific Islander. Others are more than welcome to join our other events.

API Queer Support Group:
A support group and safe space for the Asian and Pacific Islander Queer Community every first Thursday of the month beginning at 7:00 PM at the D.C. Center for the LGBT Community. The support group is co-sponsored by APIQS (Asian Pacific Islander Queer Society DC) and AQUA (Asian & Pacific Islander Queers United for Action DC).

“Spill the Tea”:
Join your friendly neighborhood gaysians for monthly tea, socializing, and good conversations, and learn more about AQUA DC and our upcoming events. This event occurs every third Friday of the month.



When safe to do so, join fellow AQUA DC members on local hikes. Previous trips have been at Great Falls, the Billy Goat Trail, and Shenandoah National Park.

AQUA DC members have played kickball in past seasons through the non-profit D.C. Stonewall Kickball. Many of us are on the DTF (Down To Field) team. If you’re feeling awesome, you can come support your fellow AQUA-rians on Sundays. For more information on joining, send us an email.


Dragon Boat Racing:
In spring of 2019, AQUA DC members re-formed Out2Paddle, a recently dormant LGBT API dragonboat team, with the support of the DC Dragon Boat Club. Sponsored and supported by the D.C. government’s MOAPIA (Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs), we paddled in the 250m and 500m races in May. We came away with a silver medal in the 250m A-major division, a bronze in the 500m A-major division, and the Government Open trophy! 

When conditions are safe, we hope to return to the competition. If you are interested, please let us know!