AQUA DC Mentoring Program

Having concluded a successful Pilot program, AQUA DC is excited to announce our new Mentoring Program. In this program, an AQUA DC community member (mentee) will be matched with one of our volunteer queer and trans (QT) mentors. The mentor will provide individualized guidance and support for personal and professional growth in a safe and confidential environment. The program will provide mentors with opportunities to hone their leadership skills and support our AQUA DC community. This program is intended for AQUA DC community members who reside in the DMV area.

Anticipated start date of the Mentoring Program is September 15, 2022.

Application for new mentors is now OPEN and will close on August 29, 2022: MENTOR APPLICATION

Check out our current Mentors here! (Pilot Program: May – July 2022)

Applications for new mentees will open on or around September 1, 2022.


  • Through the AQUA DC Mentoring Program, AQUA DC creates an additional support system for AQUA DC queer and trans (QT) community members that provides empowerment, support, encouragement and helpful guidance for individuals in need.
  • Provide opportunities for QT community leaders and mentors to step up and contribute further to the community.
  • Create a confidential and individualized approach to mentoring, especially for community members who may not be comfortable participating and sharing in group settings.
  • Maintain a diverse group of QT mentors and make them available for mentees to allow for the best mentorship matching possible.
  • In the spirit of our commitment towards facilitating accessible programming, AQUA DC will support members financially in need of additional accommodations.

Benefits to Mentee:

  • Access queer and trans mentors for advice, feedback, and guidance on personal matters such as dating, socializing, coming out, dealing with homophobia or transphobia (external or internalized), among other social issues.
  • Access queer and trans mentors for advice on professional matters such as job search, career goals/options, work-life balance, professional development.
  • Personalized mentoring in a safe and confidential setting
  • Supplement existing support systems of family and friends

Benefits to Mentor:

  • Support AQUA DC QT community and contribute to the efforts of AQUA DC
  • Apply and hone leadership, interpersonal, communication and mentoring skills
  • Utilize life experiences and knowledge to guide other individuals in need of support
  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of other QT individuals
  • Expand personal and professional networks

Pilot Program Highlights:

A three-month pilot of the Program concluded on July 31, 2022. We had five mentor-mentee pairs who met at least once (1) per month and provided monthly feedback to AQUA DC. An informative orientation was provided to all mentors and mentees, which can be found here:

Mentoring Program Orientation:

When asked for feedback on the strengths of the Program, here is what the Mentors said:

Opportunity for mentors to evaluate their own communication skills.

Getting to know people that have common interests.

Mentor orientation was well prepared and organized.

Connecting to the younger generation of AQUA. I like that aqua connected me with someone who’s interested in public health. 

Connection with the next generation of API queer leaders. Helping another person to think about their decisions and sharing each other’s life experiences.

Meeting new people

Intentionality in planning and evaluation.

Provides a channel for people to share their personal stories and experiences.

Well structured and thought-out

When asked for feedback on the strengths of the Program, here is what the Mentees said:

Thank you for providing this program! I am very grateful for all the work that you do.

Networking opportunities, good mentor-mentee match

I think it’s great that this program is quite flexible by being virtual. I think having a mentor, in general, helps me stay a bit more accountable to myself. I appreciate that we also got to meet other mentees for a bit during the orientation.

It’s nice to talk with my mentor, as a thought partner.

I really enjoy the mentoring program! I’ve been on the Aqua newsletter for a few months now, but joining the mentorship program got me to go to my first Aqua event. I also like how the program is very flexible – these next few months are super busy so not having too many mentorship commitments has been great.

My mentor shared my ethnic background and professional interests.

For questions or request for additional information, please contact AQUA DC: