AQUA DC operates on a committee system to continue the daily work of the organization. We currently have 6 standing committees that divide the different tasks/responsibilities that Board Members focus on.

General members of the AQUA community can participate in standing committees if they want to! Please contact us if you’re interested in supporting our workload!

AQUA DC also makes use of Ad Hoc Committees wherein Board Members and the general AQUA community can work together towards a specific issue or for a specific event series. These committees are finite and are solely advisory to the AQUA Board unless stated otherwise.

To propose an Ad Hoc for an issue you’d like AQUA DC to consider, please fill out the following form here! (

Standing Committees

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops an annual budget and approve or deny funding requests for events, programming, and other initiatives. All funding requests are submitted to and approved by the Finance Committee. The committee will oversee financial statements of AQUA accounts and handle donations and payments to other individuals/organizations. They shall also propose fundraiser ideas and seek out grants. The committee tracks income and expenses.

The Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee handles all communication from AQUA DC to its Community Members and the public. The committee publicizes events, initiatives, and other relevant content on all of AQUA’s various social platforms. The committee shall also make graphics for promotion, manage AQUA’s brand, and also coordinate media requests.

The Operations Committee

The Operations Committee recommends structural and operational policies and manage administrative duties for AQUA DC. The committee updates and maintains internal record systems, manages Membership rolls, updates the website, records notes at meetings, and filters and sorts out emails to the organization.

The Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee maintains membership and coordinates outreach for AQUA initiatives (such as community events, membership drives, etc.). The Outreach Committee shall also focus on fostering inclusive and equitable recruitment and outreach in AQUA’s membership. Tasks include collecting community input and feedback, engaging membership, maintaining membership lists and databases, and attending AQUA events in support of the Programing committee.

The Political Committee

The Political Committee promotes political and civic engagement among membership. This can include (but is not limited to): participation in political activities (eg. rallies), engaging political and advocacy organizations, conducting political activities (such as educational forums, voter registration activities, etc.). The committee shall draft statements and the political position of AQUA on topics related to legislation, governmental stances, or current events that broadly affect the queer and trans API communities or other marginalized communities, which will then be sent to the AQUA Chair(s) for approval.

The Programming Committee

The Programming Committee handles the planning and organization of AQUA-hosted events. The committee shall coordinate collaboration opportunities with other organizations and partners. The committee will ensure that events and programming are broadly accessible and reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion within AQUA.