Board Members


Kevin Chen – Co-Chair

Kevin hails from sunny Los Angeles (and misses it often), and currently serves as a Presidential Management Fellow and research analyst at a foreign affairs-related federal agency. Like many queer Asians and Pacific Islanders, he went through a long personal journey to find self and community; during his tenure with AQUA DC, he hopes to nurture spaces of healing and friendship for other queer APIs.

Before D.C., Kevin was in New York pursuing graduate studies, where he was elected to student government by a margin of 9 votes. Prior to that, he taught high school in Nara, Japan, where he enjoyed leading his students toward glory—in Taylor Swift song-and-dance routines for the English Festival. He enjoys hosting socials, singing enka, and writing creative nonfiction. Kevin holds a bachelors from UChicago and masters from Columbia SIPA.

Kyle Livingston – Co-Chair

Kyle works as an International Relations Officer researching and implementing policies on child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands . He was born in South Korea and has lived in Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, California, Thailand, and now Washington, D.C. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand from 2011-2013 as a community development advisor. After serving in Thailand, Kyle moved to Washington, D.C. and graduated from The American University with his M.A. in international affairs focusing on Southeast Asia and U.S. foreign policy from the School of International Service as a Coverdell Fellow. He also holds a bachelor degree in psychology with double minors in chemistry and natural sciences from the University of San Francisco. He enjoys cooking with his partner, playing tennis, riding his bike, playing with animals, traveling, and taking selfies.

Kyle hopes his work through AQUA DC will help connect other queer API males in the D.C. area through community-service, advocacy, and social activities. His ultimate goal is to help ensure that the API community at-large maintains and grows its voice in the increasing diversification in the D.C. area.

Clarence Cabañero – Board Member

Clarence was born in the Philippines, raised in New York City, and now resides in Washington, D.C., where he works in international development. Through AQUA, Clarence wants to help create a safe space for the LGBTQ community and create a dialogue that promotes and supports LGBTQ issues. Apart from work and AQUA, Clarence enjoys watching a lot of movies and cooking for friends. After watching too much America’s Next Top Model in his youth, he now has a permanent strut.



Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman – Board Member

Daniel is an Economics PhD student at the University of Maryland, interested in researching inequality, political economy, and demography. He moved around a lot in his youth, jumping from a small Texas town to Japan to Alaska and then finally to the suburbs of Houston, Texas. During his undergraduate years at The University of Texas at Austin, he helped create and lead a queer API student group, and is now thrilled to help strengthen the DC-area queer API community. Some of his interests and likes include public transit, ideas, birds, gaming, indie pop music, and film.


Sean Munar – Board Member

Sean was born in Washington, D.C. and has been raised in the suburbs of Maryland ever since. He recently received his bachelor’s degree in 2018, and currently works in accounting. In college, he helped re-establish and served as the Vice President for the Asian-identity organization, while also serving as the President for the LGBT-identity organization. During his tenure, Sean promoted advocacy, education, and socialization efforts in his local university community, which is a PW Catholic university located in rural Maryland. His most notable effort was to have the university adopt LGBT+ inclusive language in its Non-Discrimination policy, despite heavy pushback from the administration and student body.

Sean joins AQUA to find communion with other LGBT API individuals after spending his school years in such a contrasting setting. He hopes to help provide more socialization experiences for those in the area in order to foster community and friendship.